(20.01, 2009) Due to the forthcoming holiday, Women’s Day, on 20.02.09 a joint workshop has been organized and realized in our school titled as “With Mom, For Mom”.
17 mothers, 24 students and 4 teachers took part in this workshop whose main goals and tasks were introduction of the mothers from both different ethnic, religious, cultural and language groups, developing a positive picture for the group, as well as building a feeling for belonging to the group, initiating a positive social and emotional climate within the group, promoting the cooperation, creating applications which will serve as a decoration of the school, making headbands, badges and flowers necessary for the stage where the show will be held on 08 March, 2009.
The students were extremely happy, relaxed, motivated and more secure in performing the given tasks, because they worked and created together with their mothers who were satisfied and willing to further cooperate. Among other things, they suggested organization of similar gatherings and workshops.
For the majority of mothers who were present on this workshop, this was their first experience of such type, which is a clear indicator of the justification of this workshop.