On November 6, 2015, in the premises of the NDC Skopje Training Centre, the participants had the opportunity to attend the lecture prepared by Ms. Silvia Amaturo from the Regional Volunteering Centre of Bielle, Italy. The topic of the lecture was “Volunteering and schools in Italy”.
During the lecture the participants had the opportunity to learn more about the history of volunteerism in Italy, the legal framework of the voluntary associations and also about the participation of schools in voluntary activities in various areas. Ms. Amaturo also presented the latest project implemented by the Regional Volunteering Centre and the findings from the survey conducted related to the acquainted skills and competences of volunteer students and teachers. The participants discussed about the current country context and the status of the schools in connection to voluntary activities and initiatives.
After the lecture, the participants were introduced to the newly developed Platform for implementers of the Nansen model for integrated education created with the goal of providing the necessary resources for successful planning, organization and implementation of the Nansen model for integrated education. The platform was presented by NDC representatives Ms. Jasmina Romanova and Ms. Mirlinda Alemdar. The web based platform will be available for the teachers who are responsible for the practical implementation of the integrated extracurricular activities in the schools included in the Nansen model and the school that implement the model through project activities.
At the end of the working day the participants were addressed by NDC Skopje Executive Director Mr. Sasho Stojkovski who spoke about the cooperation with the associations from Italy in terms of sharing the experience with the teachers. The executive director also reiterated the importance of the on-line Platform for implementers for the Nansen model for integrated education and its significance on improving the quality of the integrated extracurricular activities.