On December 15th, 2012 Nansen Dialogue Center Skopje marked the start-up of the project Nansen model for integrated education within the MPS “Straso Pindzur”- Karbinci Municipality. During the opening ceremony the audience had the chance to hear the speeches of the Minister for Eduation and Science Mr. Pance Kralev, the Mayor of Karbinci Municipality Mr. Vasil Bogdanski, Executive director of NDC Skopje Mr.Sasho Stojkovski and the director of the school “Straso Pindzur” Mrs. Natalija Kostova. The audience also followed the brief performance prepared by the students.

The project will include part of the students, teachers and parents from the Macedonian and Turkish ethnic community with the goal of improving the cooperation and raising the level of integration.

The teachers that will be included in the direct implementation of the activities have followed the basic trainings for intertied education within the NDC Skopje Training Centre and will work according to the programs for integrated extracurricular activities drafted by NDC Skopje. Besides the trainings for teachers and the programs for students, annual programs for cooperation with parents will be implemented as well.

“One of the best examples or best models that can be promoted and used to work in the concept of integrated education is indeed the Nansen model implemented by the Nansen Dialogue Center Skopje where integrated education is transferred through extracurricular activities to children from different ethnic communities” said on this occasion Minister Kralev.

About the Nansen model for integrated education

The Nansen model for integrated education (NMIE) is a new model of education in Republic of Macedonia, which enables successful integration of students, parents and teachers from different ethnic communities through a modern upbringing and educational process.

NMIE is a contemporary educational model that fosters, encourages and integrates multiethnic values, bilingualism at the same time promotes and supports partnership relations between students, teachers and parents, encourages community participation through establishing harmonious relations based on respecting differences.

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