(02.12.2010)On 02.12.2010, IBPS and IBSS have been visited by 40 students from the third academic year on the Teacher’s Faculties in Stip and Tetovo, who have attended the presentation of the model for integrated bilingual education in Republic of Macedonia, together with the professors in charge, as well as with the OSCE Ambassador, Natalia Drozd, OSCE representatives – E.Simonovska-Janackovska and J. Sustereder and the employees of the local non-governmental organizations – “Srekjen zivot” and “Aurora”.

The presentation has been also attended by the Director of OOU Goce Delcev – Stip and Z.Surev from ZPR-Stip, who were interested in receiving more detailed information about the methodology of work in IBPS.

The visits to IBPS and IBSS have been an excellent opportunity for promotion of the specifics and benefits of the project in front of the future generations of teachers and primary school teachers.

On 10.12.2010 IBPS and IBSS have been visited by the students from third and fourth academic year, who have been enrolled as full-time students on the Faculty for Philosophy (Teaching Institute and Institute for social work and policy) and on the Teacher’s Faculty in Skopje.

The students, together with the representatives from OSCE, NGO “Sumnal”, NGO “Otvorena porta”, NGO “Aurora” and NGO “Srekjen zivot”, had an opportunity to learn about the benefits from the integrated bilingual model of education, as well as to visit the two facilities in the village Preljubiste, where such type of teaching is being implemented.