On February 21, 2015 the school principals included in the NDC Skopje Training Program for principals attended the last training module foreseen in the program. The training was implemented by Mr. Jashar Kasami, Education Inspector, who spoke about the qualitative evaluation process in the multiethnic schools.

The principals successfully completed the training program that is structured with the aim of introducing the multiethnic schools with the development, concept and the idea for integrated education through multiple positive examples, experiences and models from several European educational and upbringing systems which represented the starting point during the development of the Nansen model for integrated education in R. of Macedonia.

Today, the principals were also awarded with certificates for successful completion of the Training program. The certificates were awarded by prof. Zroran Velkovksi and NDC Skopje Executive Director Mr. Sasho Stojkovski.

NDC Skopje Training Centre will continue with the next phase of the program for principals and project teams of multiethnic schools in order to build the capacities regarding various project applications that would bring multiple benefits to the schools