In the period April 15- June 1, 2013 the fifth cycle of trainings for integrtaed education was implemented. The fifth cycle of the basic training for integrated education was consisted of two parts: implementation of a practical class according to the Nansen model for integrated education and a theoretical exam. The teachers from the second group that attended the trainings for integrated education withtin the Training Centre held a practical class in collaboration with one teacher- implementer of integrated extracurricular activities in the schools that apply the Nansen model for integarted education. The practical classes were implemented in the period of April 15- May 20, 2013 in the following schools: PS Sehmshovo- Jegunovce Municipality, PS Rajko Zhinzifov (Ismail Kemali)- Cair Municipality and PS Strasho Pindzur- Karbinci Municipality. The teoretical exams for the teachers were completed in June 1, 2013 in the NDC Skopje Training Centre.

The theoretical and practical exams were succesfuly completed by all the participants, and the candidated will be awarded cerfitifates for succesful completion of basic trainings for integrated education.

All the teachers that suucesfuly completed the Basic trainings are elegible to apply for the Advanced trainings for integrated education.