On November 11, 2013, the teachers from the primary school Slavcho Stojmenski – Vinica Municipality that are included in the project Nansen model for integrated education visited the primary school Marshal Tito in Strumica and attended an integrated extracurricular activity prepared by the teachers Ljubinka Cvetanova, Daniela Miteva and Mejdin Usinov.

The activity was prepared and implemented bilingually (in Macedonian and Turkish language) and is part of the regular activities implemented according to the Nansen model for integrated education. The teachers from Vinica Municipality had an excellent opportunity to get closely acquainted with the Nansen model and witness the positive results from the integrated extracurricular activities.

The primary school Slavcho Stojmenski will soon start to apply the Nansen model for integrated education, for that purpose, the teachers that will be responsible for the project implementation are following the basic training cycle for integrated education within NDC Skopje Training Centre.