In the period from August 22 to 31, 2012 within the Training Center for Integrated Education, NDC Skopje realized the theoretical part of the basic training package for integrated education. The trainings were organized in five workshops that covered all thematic areas foreseen in the basic package for integrated education prepared and implemented by the education team at NDC Skopje.

The basic trainings workshop topics were: “Characteristics of the Nansen model for integrated education”, “Forms, methods and techniques work in integrated bilingual groups”, “Integration as a link between curricular and extra-curricular content”, “Planning and creating integrated extracurricular activities “,” Bilingual component in extracurricular activities “,” Types of communication in bilingual groups “,” The role of the game in the integrated extracurricular activities “,” The role and the importance of teamwork and tandem cooperation “,” Overcoming stereotypes and prejudices in ethnically mixed groups “,” Students, parents and teachers-active partners in integrated schools. ” Participants who successfully completed the theoretical part of the basic training will participate in the practical trainings that will be implemented during the next month.

The first group of participants in the basic cycle of training consisted of teachers and pedagogues from six multiethnic primary schools in the R. of Macedonia, MPS “Rajko Zinzifov” – Cair municipality, MPS “Marsal Tito” – Strumica municipality, MPS “Straso Pindzur”-Karbinci municipality, CPS “Goce Delchev” – Konce municipality , RPS “Koco Racin” – Petrovec municipality, RPS ” Semsovo “Jegunovce municipality.

“I come from a school where the teaching process is carried out in two languages- Macedonian and Turkish. The Nansen model of work will indeed gain positive acceptance from both sides. It will boost the socialization between the students and the teachers as well, and that is what we really need in our school. It is good for us as participants to learn about the different levels of communication which are being presented to us with great professionalism by NDC trainers”. – Nada Arsova, teacher in the primary school “Straso Pindzur”, Municipality of Karbinci- participant at the first basic training cycle.

The trainings organized within the Training Centre for integrated education are realized through 60% theory and 40% practical work. The theoretical part is realized in the training center, while the practical part will be held in selected schools that are additionally technically equipped and successfully apply the Nansen model for integrated education.