On August 22, 2012 the Training Centre for integrated education officially started with the implementation of the basic training cycle. The trainings are organized in five workshops that cover all the thematic fields planned for the basic training package prepared by the team for education within NDC Skopje.

The Program for these basic trainings has been drafted and structured to enable all teachers, pedagogues, psychologists of primary and secondary schools and other stakeholders, to learn the characteristics, specifics and acquisitions of the Nansen model for integrated education, and to develop the skills for successful direct realization of the programs for integrated extracurricular activities in schools with multiethnic structure of students. The first group that is attending the basic trainings for integrated education is composed of teachers and pedagogues that come from six different multi-ethnic schools within the municipalities: Jegunovce, Strumica, Petrovec, Cair, Karbinci and Konjce where the teaching process is carried out in Macedonian, Albanian and Turkish language.

After the successful completion of the theoretical part of the trainings, the practical part will follow in the schools that already successfully apply the Nansen model for integrated education.