During November 2018, teachers Tatjana Drangovska and Saba Asani together with their students, held extracurricular activities on topic: Story of Little Red Riding Hood, from the Drama section of the Annual Program for Intercultural Extracurricular activities.

These activities were an opportunity for students to: play different games to get to know the monthly topic, share what they know about the story of Little Red Riding Hood- who are the positive and negative characters of the story, draw and color the characters of the story, and finally make different craft activities about the story. The students enjoyed these activities, and at the same time they learnt new things and socialized with their friends from the group.

The goals of these activities are to support children’s curiosity and originality as well as their creative potentials, develop children’s creative potential and creative fantasy, as well as foster proper, literary and logical expression while telling and retelling stories.