From 11-13 March, 2011 in Ohrid, Nansen Dialogue Center Skopje has organized a three day seminar on the topic: “The bilingual component in the extracurricular activities”.

On this seminar, professors and teachers from the integrated schools in Jegunovce and Strumica have participated and also representatives from the Sector for education and the Bureau for development of education from Strumica. Prof. Dr. Ann Kelleher and Kelly Ryan from the Pacific Lutheran University from Tahoma (Seattle, USA) and Genc Goranci – Project Coordinator in the Nansen Dialogue Center from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) have been invited as lecturers on this seminar. The representatives of PLU have presented the educational system in several states in the US and what is done regarding integration in the education. These two topics have been very interesting for the participants and many questions have been asked. The representative of NDC Sarajevo has presented the activities from the project that is being implemented in the municipalities Srebrenica and Bratunac, the challenges they are facing in these two municipalities, the segregation in the educational system in the schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the activities that are undertaken by NDC Sarajevo in the schools in those two municipalities.

After the presentations from USA and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Team for education and development of Nansen Dialogue Center Skopje has also made presentations.

Biljana Krstevska – Papic, Teuta Ramadani Rasimi and Anica Onosimoska have circled the first working day with a presentation of two 08th of March events, which have been analyzed and served as a basis for preparation of several recommendations for creating a quality exit product within the extracurricular activities.

The second working day, the Team for education and development has held the interactive workshop: “The bilingual component in the extracurricular activities”, through which the specifics of the bilingual approach and the role of paraphrasing as a link between two languages have been elaborated.
The seminar has been positively evaluated by the participants and there were recommendations for organizing another seminar of this type.

The seminar has been financially supported by the Secretariat for Implementation of the Framework Agreement within the Government of Republic of Macedonia.