During February 2019, teachers Elena Popovska and Lindita Jusufi together with students of seventh grade, carried out activities from the month’s topic “Throughout Europe – Scotland and Wales” as part of the Section Education for peace and tolerance of the Annual Program for Intercultural Extracurricular Activities.

Through introductory games the students were introduced to the daily topic: Language, music, food and customs. For the realization of the daily activity, the students worked in groups in which they created picture frames and made puzzles with the flags of Scotland and Wales. They also created posters with information about the languages, musical instruments, traditional costumes and food.

The aim of these activities are:  to deepen the students’ pre-knowledge about tradition, customs and languages in Scotland and Wales, to enrich the active vocabulary of students with new concepts related to program situations, to encourage and support a positive socio-emotional climate in the group with heterogeneous ethnic composition as well as to nourish strong interaction ties among students during the completion of group project assignments.