On March 23, teachers Tijana Bajraktarska and Hurmet Ala carried out the extracurricular activity on the topic “Albanian traditional costumes”. The objectives of the activity were:
– Maintaining a positive emotional climate in the group by presenting children’s folk music;
– Promoting the cultural identity through acquaintance with traditional Albanian costumes and their role in certain celebrations;
The pupils actively participated in the activities and happily cooperated and socialized while getting acquainted with the Albanian folk costume and its characteristic elements.
“In the main part of the activity there is a presentation of traditional Albanian costumes through where the students visualize the integral parts of traditional Albanian costumes, respectively their design. Students are introduced to the variety of traditional costumes, namely the fact that each province has unique traditional costumes. During the activity, students help each other to dress up with these costumes” T. Bajraktarska and H.Alla