On March 30 and April 2, 2019, teachers Maja Miteva Petroska and Zaharica Ilieska together with students of second and third grade, carried out activities from the month’s topic “Traditional costumes” within the Section Get to know Macedonia of the Annual Program for Intercultural Extracurricular Activities.

This activity was carried out in two parts. In the first part, the students visited the gallery “Nikola Martinoski” in Krushevo, where they were introduced to the authentic ambient of a traditional house, where samples and illustrations of traditional Macedonian and Vlach costumes, as well as costumes of other ethnic communities, are exhibited. During the visit, the students had the opportunity to follow a discussion with the curator Danica Janakieska, whose narrow area of ​​research are the characteristics of traditional costumes. The second part was carried out in the classroom, with the help of the smart board, a Quiz on what was learned during the visit to the gallery was organized. In the final part of the activity, the students painted traditional Macedonian or Vlach costumes and presented them in the classroom.

The aims of these activities are: to introduce students with the characteristics of traditional Macedonian and Vlach costumes, to respect the cultural diversity in the Republic of Macedonia, to encourage collaborative relationships among students from different ethnicities, to encourage and support a positive socio-emotional climate in the group, as well as to foster strong interactions among students.