On 20th February 2019, teachers Maja Miteva Petroska and Zaharica Ilieska together with students of second and third grade, carried out activities from the month’s topic “Traditions” within the Section Get to know Macedonia of the Annual Program for Intercultural Extracurricular Activities.

Students were introduced to the topic of the activity through ​​brainstorming technique. They worked in groups and each group received special instructions for work such as: to make a book titled Traditional and Contemporary Macedonian Wedding, using pre-prepared illustrations for certain customs and a brief description about each, to make wedding candies, wedding invitations and boutonnières.

The goals of these activities are: to familiarize the students with the wedding customs in the past and today, respecting the cultural diversity in the Republic of Macedonia, to encourage collaborative relationships among students from different ethnicities, to encourage and support a positive socio-emotional climate in the group, as well as to foster strong interactions among students.