During January and February 2019, teachers Lence Angjelkoska and Afrime Durmishi together with students of second and third grade, carried out activities from the month’s topic “Traditions” within the Section Get to know Macedonia of the Annual Program for Intercultural Extracurricular Activities.

For the realization of the daily activities Traditional Macedonian Wedding and Traditional Albanian Wedding, the students watched videos where they observed traditions involved in weddings, created invitations and typical wedding decorations, played competing games and danced traditional Macedonian and Albanian dance.

The aim of these activities are: promotion of cultural identity through familiarization with traditional Macedonian and Albanian weddings, obtaining information on various customs at traditional Macedonian and Albanian weddings, encouraging love for the homeland and respecting cultural differences in the Republic of Macedonia, encouraging respect, assistance and cooperation in carrying out activities, as well as developing a sense of joy and pleasure in learning through games.