On April 23, 2019, teachers Spasice Nikolovska and Isnisha Salioski from the satellite school “Nikola Karev” v. Borino, with students of second grade carried out the activity “Sailboat” from the monthly topic “Traffic in the past” as part of the Traffic section of the Annual Program for extracurricular intercultural activities.

The activity began with an introductory game and afterwards the students divided into pairs had the task of designing and pictorializing how the boats looked in the past and how they moved when the strength of the wind was used. Each pair made a sailboat and at the end of the activity their crafts were exposed in the classroom.

The aims of the activity are: to support children’s interest and curiosity to study the characteristics of traffic in the past, develop the habit of students for using children’s encyclopedias as well as to sensitize children to recognize the causal link between the stages in traffic development.