The program “Training for trainers” is drafted and initiated with the goal to upgrade the knowledge, build the skills and competences of all educational profiles of participants in the basic and advanced level training program (Nansen model for integrated education) who successfully completed the Training program within the NDC Skopje Training Centre.

This program is structured through multiple specific areas which are based in multi-layered topics, necessary to be known and practiced by every future educator who will be included in the program.

The program is very complex, its realization is a long time process through which every participant will have the opportunity to be included in the process of personal transformation in the spirit of the idea and vision of integrated education, with the intention to transfer, reflect and initiate the transformation in the work with the students, parents, other teachers and the school.

The personal transformation of the included educators, will be the basis of the future positive transformation of the schools, thanks to the detected benefits of the Nansen model for integrated education for the overall education and upbringing process in the R. of Macedonia.

The participants that will be included in this training program will have the opportunity to develop, obtain and upgrade the following skills and competences, as program standards:

  • Personal and interpersonal competences
  • Cross-cultural competences
  • Cognitive and creative skills

The goals of the Training for trainers program are the following:

  • Encouraging the process of personal transformation of the teachers
  • Developing skills for independent transfer of knowledge and skills necessary for the implementation of the NMIE
  • Developing skills for offering support during the implementation process of the NMIE
  • Sensitizing for the ways of promotion, building and advancing the concept for integrated education
  • Developing skills for successful, objective and non- biased qualitative evaluation of the NMIE products

Training for trainers program content – Theoretical part

  • Integrated schools ethos
  • Anti-biased approach in the education and upbringing process
  • Communication in integrated school surrounding
  • Mediation in integrated schools
  • Cooperation as a precondition for integration

Training for trainers program content – Practical part

  1. Realization of integrated extracurricular activities accoring to the NMIE
  2. Presentation of NMIE in the educators’ schools
  3. Creating the image of Integrated School

The program will be carried out by NDC Skopje Training Centre trainers as well as by local and international experts in the particular area.

Training for trainers program has the following characteristics:

  • Interactive methods of work
  • Bilingual / trilingual approach
  • Work in small groups
  • Group discussion
  • Simulations
  • Learning by solving problems
  • Role plays

The teachers, professors and school collaborators who will be included in the program will be the first group of participants in this new training program Training for trainers within the NDC Skopje Training Centre- Nansen model for integrated education.

The number of participants in this type of training will be continuously increased and expanded and will have influence on the strengthening of the capacities of NDC Skopje in the direction of multiplying the Nansen model for integrated education in the education and upbringing system in R.M. The participants who will actively participate in all the activities will receive a certificate for successfully completed Training for trainers program.