In the period October 12-14, 2017, NDC Skopje Project Manager, Veton Zekolli and teachers Darko Taleski, Severxhane Vishka and Garip Shaqiri  attended a 3-day training for teachers titled “Teaching solidarity – building inclusive intercultural environments through global civic education” in Spoleto, Italy.

The teachers realized presentations and workshops on: Intercultural communication skills, strategies and techniques to deal with sources of stereotypes and prejudices in the school environment and Creation of intercultural didactic resources.

Education for teachers and educators Teaching Solidarity was a transnational 3-day exchange that brought together around 20 school teachers, educators and youth workers from civil society organizations from Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia. Exchange was focused on learning from best practices of global civic education to promote democratic values, fundamental rights, intercultural understanding and active citizenship. Teachers and educators were encouraged to educate children and young people in civic and intercultural education, human rights, tolerance towards the other and critical thinking.