During December 2018, teachers Sashka Dellova and Zana Amedovska Selimoska together with their seventh and eighth grade students carried out common activities as part of the monthly topic “How to protect ourselves from diseases” from the Eco section of the Annual program for intercultural extracurricular activities.

Through various games and discussions students were introduced to the daily topics. They watched informational videos about viruses and bacteria from which they learned which bacteria are not harmful to the human body, which are harmful and how to protect themselves. In groups they solved quizzes prepared by their teachers and made a poster with statements with contents of the daily topics.

The goals of the activities are to support constructive communication and cooperation between students and teachers from two different ethnic groups, to support team and tandem cooperation while organizing eco – project tasks as well as to empower students for responsive and timely application of health and hygiene habits for protection of personal health.