(12-15.10.2010) In the period of 12-15.10.2010, the school has hosted the team of teachers from OOU “Marsal Tito” – Strumica; Tena Zafirova and Zumbul Cicek.
The goal of the visit was for the teachers to closely get to know the way of implementation of the project “Integrated bilingual school”, which will serve them as a lead when realizing the same project in the mother school, but in Macedonian and Turkish educational language.
During the three-day visit, the teachers have been informed about the way of planning the joint activities, their realization by using “rephrasing”,applying the method of games, introducing and respecting the rules of the game, as well as many other activities on which the success of the project itself depends.
The teachers have completed the training delighted by the way the whole project is being set; they have expressed best words about it, as well as a desire to succeed in the implementation within their school.