On February 18, 2019, teachers Darko Taleski and Natasha Zabrcanec with the students of the sixth grade carried out activities as part of the topic “Colors and tones” from the Art section within the Annual program for extracurricular intercultural activities.

The teachers explained the types of colors and their separation into cold and warm colors and presented students with examples of fine works in which the warm and cool tones were applied. Then, students in groups drew and painted various forms that associate students with some color, e.g. Yellow color – sun, lemon etc. At the end, each group set up the created forms on a poster, paying attention to the correct distinction of warm and cool colors, putting them in the appropriate column, they also wrote the names of the colors in Macedonian and Turkish.

The goals of the activities are: to encourage the creative potential of students by combining warm and cool colors, constructive mutual cooperation, help during the implementation of joint activities, as well as to encourage cooperative relations in the heterogeneous ethnic group.