During January and February 2019, teachers Lidija Bilbiloska and Drita Jakupi, together with third-grade students, conducted activities from the month’s topic  “Winter clothes” within the Eco Section of the Annual Program for Intercultural Extracurricular Activities.

For the implementation of the daily activities Wool, Fabric, Cotton and Nylon, the students played different games in order to get acquainted with the daily topics. They discussed about the materials out of which winter clothes are made and their characteristics. By using them, they created various artworks.

Some of the goals of these activities are: to encourage respect, assistance and cooperation in carrying out activities, develop a sense of joy and pleasure in learning through games, reveal the role and significance of different types of textile materials for people in winter conditions, empower students for original and creative use of waste materials, and also to sensitize students to discover the specificities of different types of materials (through the tactile sense).