On 14 and 21December 2012 two workshops were held with the first grade students – from the class of teacher Mejlan Ameti who implements integrated extracurricular activities. The workshops were prepared and held by the team for education at NDC – Skopje. The aim of the first workshop, which was held on 14 December, was to introduce the children to the basic characteristics of the integrated extracurricular activities. 30 students were present at the first workshop.

The creative workshop was held on 21December by the team for education at NDC – Skopje. The workshop was prepared in the spirit of New Year’s holidays, where students in a happy and positive atmosphere created together a large painting of Santa Claus. 33 students were present at the workshop.

The workshops are held so that students gradually enter the project Nansen Model for Integrated Education and in the second semester officially begin with participation in the integrated extracurricular activities.