During February 2019, teachers Liljana Stavreska, Bastri Ristemi and Gordana Mojsoska, together with students of seventh grade, carried out the activities from the month’s topic “21st century in the rhythm of music, World music scene” as part of the Music Section of the Annual Program for Intercultural Extracurricular Activities.

The topic of the daily activity was “Festivals”, the students discussed together and wrote words that associate them on the topic. Divided into groups, students performed the activity “Me in the role of the festival jury”. Each group compiled a ranking list of the 3 best singers and hits from 2018.

The aims of this activity are: to support a positive emotional climate in the group, nourish the creative potentials of the students through independent musical creation and expression, sensitize students for recognizing the aesthetic component and the artistic value in various types of musical projects.