We are pleased to inform you that on 07.04.2021 the first intercultural educational platform was promoted, as the latest product of the Nansen Dialogue Center Skopje.

Nansen Dialogue Centre Skopje is an organization that has been operating continuously for twenty years in the field of education, with a special emphasis and focus on intercultural education. The activities and efforts of NDC Skopje are systematically dedicated to several aspects, in order to support and develop intercultural competencies, as well as intercultural transformation and improvement of the overall educational process.

The intercultural educational platform is built and developed as a treasure trove of educational content and resources which are available and can be widely implemented, in order to support the educational process in class groups.

The selected contents are structured to pursue the educational goals envisaged for the development period from the age of 6 to 10 years, as one of the stages when students intensively develop and improve many skills, master many cognitive, motor operations and expand various prior knowledge.

They offer many approaches, ideas, games and activities that would further enrich the educational process, and as a special benefit of these resources is the intercultural dimension which is included in them. This dimension is very easily included through the promotion of linguistic, cultural, gender, physical, social, ethnic features which are present in both the local and the global context. In this way, the teaching contents will simultaneously acquire the intercultural characteristic as one of the biggest challenges of contemporary education.

All contents are available in three languages ​​of instruction, namely Macedonian, Albanian and Turkish. The contents are organized in 6 areas: language, mathematics, science, art, technique, society. Each field offers 20 different activities, meaning the platform is currently a source of 120 model activities.
The intercultural platform is available at the following link: www.eduresurs.mk

A larger group of proven teachers with successful internships was involved in the preparation of the content, as well as the team for education and development of NDC Skopje.