On July 9, 2013 in the premises of Vinica municipality, Nansen Dialogue Centre Skopje signed the Agreement for cooperation with Vinica municipality in order to include the Nansen model for integrated education in the primary school Slavcho Stojmenski. The Agreement for cooperation was signed on behalf of the Mayor of Vinica- Emil Donchev and the Executive Director of NDC Skopje Sasho Stojkovski.

The project will include students, teachers and parents from the Macedonian and Turkish ethnic community and its goal is to raise the level of integration through integrated extracurricular activities for students, trainings for teachers and programs for cooperation with parents.

“The project will contribute towards the improvement of the education in Vinica municipality, respectively in the multiethnic school Slavcho Stojmenski, with the goal of increasing the communication between the children and joint participation within the foreseen project activities”, said on this occasion the Mayor of Vinica Emil Donchev.

Vinica municipality has expressed the willingness to provide support and conditions for the start-up of the project Nansen model for integrated education in partnership with NDC Skopje. Nansen Dialogue Centre Skopje will stipend the trainings for the teachers that will be the direct implementers of the integrated extracurricular activities according to the Annual programs drafted by NDC Skopje, and will additionally provide expertise and advising to the school management and teacher staff during the implementation of the foreseen program activities within the project.

“Through the informal activities, we overcome the language barriers; we improve the cooperation and communication between the students, teachers and the parents which create the conditions for growing up and learning with each other and not just by each other.” said on this occasion the Executive Director of NDC Skopje Sasho Stojkovski.

The implementation of the preparatory activities for the start-up of the project will begin in the second half of August 2013 whereas the official start-up of the project is anticipated to start during the month of October 2013.