(22.09.2010) On 22 September 2010 the management of Nansen Dialogue Centre Skopje organized a meeting with the Parents Council of the Integrated bilingual primary school “Fridtjof Nansen”.  The aim of the meeting was realizing the yearly agenda for informing and consulting the Parents Council for issues regarding the school.
The majority of the members from the Parents Council were present on the meeting. The main points of discussion were:
-Informing the parents regarding the new teacher in the second grade
-Furnishing the school with necessary materials
-Test for the students
-Schedule and shifts / transportation
– etc…
The parents were broadly informed for all the above mentioned issues by the management of NDC Skopje.
The meeting was organized in the premises of IBPS “Fridtjof Nansen” and it was also decided that the next meeting of the Council will be organized in the second part of November.