During February 2019, teachers Jasmina Efremoska and Luljeta Aziri together with their students carried out activities from the month’s topic “Winter joy” as part of the Art section within the Annual program for extracurricular intercultural activities.

The realization of the daily activity Sleding started with introductory games. During the realization, the students cooperated with each other, they drew and painted painting with sleds, created various crafts in shape of sleds using wood sticks and other materials, in their work sheets, they solved the labyrinth game, how to get to the sled.

The aims of the activities are: encouraging the artistic curiosity for artistic creation with different non-standard materials, exercising of graphomotorics in drawing decorative patterns, supporting tandem art creations and sensitizing students about the importance of respecting the artistic creations of other authors as well as empowering students for modeling and constructing with different materials.